K-1 assina com wrestler coreano

Olha o tamanho da criança:

From Korean Newspaper JoonAng Daily
"December 16, 2004 ¤Ñ As ssireum ¡ª traditional Korean wrestling ¡ª is losing ground, some players are moving to other combat sports.

The demise of LG Ssireum leaves the professional league with only two teams.

Choi Hong-man, probably the most recognizable face on the former LG team, has decided to try out his skills in a Japanese K-1 tournament, a no-holds-barred fighting contest. Cha Kyeong-man, former coach of the LG team, is worried that Choi will only hurt himself trying K-1. "That Choi is leaving ssireum is a loss for our league," said the former coach.

"I am worried that he will end up looking like a fool without much success. There is still a chance that the team can be salvaged," he said.

Ssireum officials said they are still trying to find a buyer for the LG team.

Choi is expected to make his debut in March against former sumo champion Chad George Ha'aheo Rowan, better known as "Akebono." Before the official match he is expected to have some sparring rounds in Japan. Choi is confident that he will adjust in no time to the new sport.

"I have a two dan black belt in taekwondo," said Choi, who added that his agent is expected to close a deal soon with Fighting Entertainment Group that is in charge of managing K-1. "I am very confident in this sort of combat sport. I have seen the tapes of the Akebono. I am faster, and I am good at learning new techniques."

Choi said he had asked for a two-year contract that would require him to have six fights per year with a signing bonus of 1 billion won ($9,430,000). Meanwhile, former ssireum players said Choi's departure is a blow to the struggling sport. "If he leaves, it will be even harder to find a buyer for the team," said Lee Man-ki, a former ssireum champion. "I sincerely hope that Choi reconsiders his decision. "

Thats 12 fights over 2 years, and a signing bonus of $9,430,000.00 - WOW !

The guy is 24 years old, 7'2" tall, 375 lbs.

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Another article from The Korean Times
Former Ssirum Champ Choi Signs With K-1

By Kim Hyun-cheol Staff Reporter

"Former champion of Ssirum, or Korean folk wrestling, Choi Hong-man, officially announced he is set to debut as a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter in the wake of his team's liquidation.

The South Korean gargantuan also expressed his intention to never return to the ssirum scene due to his frustration and disappointment about the sport.

Choi, 24, held a news conference yesterday in Seoul and said he has made a contract with FEG, the Japanese agency in charge of K-1, one of the most renowned Japanese mixed martial arts (MMA) brands.

However, FEG declined from commenting the details of the contract with a reason that it needs to keep a ``principle of secrecy'' on its squad fighters. Choi didn't confirm the rumor that he signed a two-year contract with the condition of playing a total of six matches but indirectly admitted he signed to similar terms.

We haven't yet set up when, where and who Choi will fight, but would like to let him compete against various fighters all around the world,'' Sadaharu Tanikawa, FEG president, said at the conference.We also hope many other Korean martial arts players will challenge the field of MMA.''

The athlete looked a bit tense at the conference but was positive about his future in a totally new field. ``I'm young. So I believe I can make a new career if I try hard enough,'' Choi remarked.

Choi said he was satisfied with the support from the FEG, saying: ``It was attractive that the FEG suggested treating me as a star to spice up the market, and that I can draw its interest.''

Apart from anticipation, he didn't hide his emotions in reprimanding ssirum officials for the current critical situation. See where they led me and other players after devoting myself to the sport so far. The current ssirum scene has made us all miserable and annulled our efforts as well,'' he said.Deep in frustration, I couldn't help leaning toward a new way.''

``I agonized a lot and still feel sorry for my teammates and coaches, but this is a really important time for me. I am the one who must care about my own future,'' he added.

Notably, Choi made it clear that he has retired as a ssirum player, by saying he wants to be consistent and will never return to the sand field even if he doesn't succeed in the MMA and returns to Korea.

Choi, measuring a towering 218 centimeters tall (7'2'') and weighing 164 kilograms (362 pounds), has been one of the leading players in the ssirum scene with his unique dancing celebration after winning, earning him the nickname ``techno Goliath.'' Debuting in 2003, the young athlete won the title of Chonha Jangsa, the biggest competition of the sport and emerged as the most remarkable young player on the scene."

O povo pra gostar de aberração..... é uma pena os caras gastarem tanto dinheiro com esse tipo de lutador que não dá a menor vontade de assistir.

Tarcuri:triste, porém verdadeiro.

Um abraço

Olhem o Royce junto do cara;