K-1 attempting to sign Tyson?

"Sadaharu Tanigawa will be talking to famous boxer Mike Tyson this weekend in Las Vegas during the K-1 show. This is somewhat of a last ditch effort to attempt to sign Tyson to the K-1 promotion.

K-1 has been after Tyson for years, and this last-ditch effort by Tanigawa won't accomplish anything. Let us pray the Tyson in MMA subject doesn't take over our discussion forum world once again. It's (Tyson in K-1) not going to happen. "

Take it for what it's worth as, I got it from MMAnews.com. Not the most credible MMA source but, its something for discussion. I personally don't want to see Tyson fight MMA as, he's almost 40 years old and for him to try to learn the sport this late in age, I think it will just further damage the reputation of Mike Tyson.

I also hear Battleship will be holding an MMA show to end all MMA shows next week in international waters.

Man-- we've been hearing this for years- it is not gonna happen, the end.