K-1 Burning 2004:pictures

Hiromi Amada vs KimoFabiano vs Great KusatsuMighty Mo vs Hiraku Hori

Musashi vs Stephen Gamlin


Looks like he got his ass kicked, where can I get a description on the fight

LOL @ Adonis

Nice pics. lol@bob sapp's face.

"LOL@ kimo trying to call himself a fighter. He's a sport grappler with the striking skills of a gay man mid-hissy fit."

The funny thing is that Kimo, the sportgrappler, would easily destroy any of K1s so called "fighters" in a real fight...

lol @ the PCP on musashi's shorts hehe

There are descriptions of the fights at www.k-1.co.jp

Kimo is a good *fighter* actually. He might not be great at kickboxing, but he's a BJJ black belt and his striking isn't great, but he's certainly not Dan Severn either.

In MMA rules Kimo is still a moderate threat to anyone and IMO would take some top guys (like Frank Mir for instance) apart.

s98ronin is correct.

Montanha Silva vs Fujimoto

Remmy Bojansky vs Tsuyoshi Nakasako

Damn, poor Fujimoto. :(

Thanks Bro!!

Remmy is tha man.Classical Thai fighter.

Thanks for the pictures. How were the fights?

thanks for the awesome pics, Bro!! I can't believe how huge that Silva guy is...I'd love to see him fight the other "Giant" Silva for the sheer spectacle!!


Great Kusatsu vs Fabiano

Spinning back kick KO ?