k-1 dynamite 2006 spoilers!

ok the show is just starting they had a countdown and a little entrance show, i'm not gonna give pbp but i'll post results

Thanks dude.

no worries

i may miss a little as i'm watching both k-1 and pride you'll have to bear with me

lol, spoiled korean ;)

and i bet you don't have to pay for either one? and you get UFC for free on Tuesday?

j/k - glad to see this - results would be great

hahah yeah man i'm not korean i'm canadian but i'm living over here for awhile so yeah i dont pay for either one and i get ufc for free on tuesday lol

1st fight ken kaneko vs andy ologun

WOW ologun destroyed kaneko with leg licks in the 3rd rd, just waiting for the decision

Andy Ologun by Unanimous decision

next up Katsuhiko Nagata vs. Shuichiro Katsumura

Thanks for doin this man.

Thanks for doin this man.

yes thank u

Katsuhiko Nagata wins by ref stoppage rd 1
some brutal

no worries boys n girls......my pleasure

Tokimitsu Ishizawa vs. Taiei Kin is next

WOW Taiei Kin wins by KO head kick rd 1

If my korean is corect then Mushashi vs. Randy Kim k-1 rules fight is next

thank you, please keep it up!

i was wrong.

next up is Hideo Tokoro vs. Royler Gracie

royler has brother royce in his corner, good too see him again