k-1 dynamite 2006 spoilers!

Fuck I wish there was a stream of this. Royler vs Tokoro is an awesome matchup.

wow Tokoro just about armbarred gracie

GREAT REVERSAL AND SWEEP BY TOKORO!!! Rd 1 to Tokoro in my books

Come on, Royler!

Tokoro lands a huge combo Royler is in trouble

royler regains composure and gets tokoro into his guard

go Tokoro!


round 2 ends with royler on his back and tokoro in side mount

rd 3


How did Royler get his guard passed?

Tokoro almost gets a flying kimura but ends up in mount, rd 3 ends with Tokoro almost in a triangle and Royler landing some solid hammerfists

royler didn't get guard passed, ref stood them up for no action, then royler tried a takedown and fell into guard,

Tokoro wins unanimous decision, good decision he controlled the fight

hmmm.. didnt end to well for Tokoro, but it sounds like he pushed the pace.

fight of the night so far

Did Royler at least look better than Royce in this matchup?

yeah he looked a little better but not much

up next giant silva vs akebono

this should be fight of the night lol

rd 1 giant silva gets a kimura locked in and akebono taps

giant silvas 1st win since 2004!!