K-1 Fighter Punches Mr. Olympa?

It was Genki. He floored Dorian for saying "ching chong" and making slanty eyes as he walked by.

for real shawn? where did u read this?

Lol! No, not for real!

Bob Sapp sucker punched Ronnie Coleman too.

Sorry for not getting back to this thread till now.

First off........lol @ the KKM reference.

It was this months edition of M.D. One of Flex Wheeler's sections.


Did this really happen?

I just checked out that magazine. The account is relayed by Craig Titus (pro bodybuilder). He was at the event but not present for the altercation. He said some wannabe K-1 fighter cheapshotted Dorian and knocked him down and bloodied him. No other bodybuilder did shit. But that was the extent of the fight. Not sure if this was an event Dorian promotes or not so maybe that explains his maturity in not going apeshit.

Ah, people still remember the Jerky Boys

you guys are so full of shit.

fact is, he first reprimanded him and said some very very bad things.

THEN he fell down the stairs and his shoes fell off.

Mr. Yates also worked in the moving industry.Mayflower I believe,where he sped,popped wheelies,got the merchandise there 2 hours early.And REMEMBER he never broke any merchandise.

Rickson by armbar Rnd 1/ 2:41 mins.

LMAO @ "Frank Stallone"

HA HA.......frank stallone

"and his shoe fell off.."

I also heard he woke up to find his mouth full of blood... and his pants unbuttoned.

My postal connections tell me that Louie Rocko was a Dentist.But he had a brother that ordered some tile,but half of them were broken.And he was very angry.He said that were brown,tan,sandlewood,I dont know what ever the fuck they called them.

"Marzz the name of the K1 wannabe is......LOUIE ROCKO! from bronx"

LOL Rumor also has it that the K1 guy called up Dorian's bar and asked where his father was, to which Dorian replied that his father was up his mother's asshole.

"I also heard he woke up to find his mouth full of blood... and his pants unbuttoned. "

His bum was also bleeding when he woke up.

dick vrij is hardly a world champ in any format.

still, i wouldn't like to get smacked straight in the face by him.

all of his shoes?

Yeah, Vrij is an old-school dutch free-fight guy. Not exactly a K1 world champ (or even close), but a pretty rugged dude nonetheless.