K-1 MAX:any results???

I just want to know if someane already know the results of the last K-1 Max show?

Thanks in advance

its a weird show, I'll tell ya that!

first fight: Kohi beat HAYATO on points

Second fight Ogata knocked Takeda down and continued to beat him the rest of the round. Then round 2 starts and Ogata's corner throws in the towel cause of some problem caused by Takeda's 4 leg kicks???

Serukan beat Yasuhiro by knockout.(broken nose). Thought Serkan would lose cause his style is just weird. He punches hard but has no low kick defence, and keeps his chin up while punching and kicking ala TKD style.(Has a good straight right though)


KID beat Murahama by ref stoppage (KO). KID had heavy hands and was taunting Muraham the whole time. But as expected KID also got warned by the ref.

Semi 1: Takeda was kicking the shit outta Kohi's legs. Round 2 Takeda gets knocked out by a flying knee

Semi 2: KID pulls out due to broken fist, so Serkan fights the reserve(Musashi's younger brother). Serkan wins by KO(Knocked him down with a nice right while in the corner, later seemed to connect with another right)

Finals now on....Kohi kicking the shit outta Serkans legs. Serkan is showing it

I Knew it... (again)

I said kid would KO murahama...

Kohi wins by JD :( Props to Serkan. Even though he was showing the pain from the leg kicks, he showed a lotta heart and never went down from them, even had Kohi retreating once or twice. But Kohi won tonite. Kohi's clinch has definately improved too. he was using it to good effect against HAYATO

All in all entertaining fights, but pity about Ogata and KID having to pull out. KID could have made it to the finals for sure me thinks

Kid x Serkan would have been interesting...

I really wish he hadn't broken his hand, just to see how he would have done. He was totally respectful to Murahama after the match, but he was being a pretty big ass during the match.

Ah well. Well done by Kohi - that KO of Takeda was crazy - it was like the only strike he threw the whole damn fight.

A great show. Many including Masato and all the commentators at the event expected Murahama to win it all, but Kid, in his first K-1 fight, literally demolished Murahama.

Kid and Ogata both looked great.. it was a shame that they had to pull out

this was a great tournament..

Thanks a lot for the results.

Ogata obviously became careless trying to finish Takeda and took too many low kicks in the latter half of the first round. Ogata would have won if it were in boxing.

Thats what I dont get about Ogata. He knows leg kicks too(has won some shootboxing bouts with them). He probably opted for punches cause he knew tats Takeda's weak point. I've seen Ogata take harder leg kicks in the gym as well as the ring.


Sarkan vs KID woulda been great. KID sure does have some heavy hands. And the guy is ripped!

respect to Sarkan though. Never thought he would make it that far. He should be fighting in the European tourney, but he joined this tourney cause he didnt think he would stand a chance in Europe, plus he loves Japan.

Poor Kid, the guy punches so hard he seems to break his hand every match

Holy shit......I was one of the people expecting Murahama to win the whole thing, or at the very least expected Kozo to win.

Lots of surprising results....I didn't care how talented "Kid" is, I felt he would lose due to Takehiro's experience in kickboxing (Whereas Kid has no experience in terms of kickboxing matches)......I definitely didn't expect Kohiruimaki to KO Takeda, let alone win the whole tournament. That sucks, I can't stand watching Kohi fight, yet this means he'll be in the world grand prix. Blah

The idea that an olympic wrestler with the most devasting GnP in the sport could destroy a seasoned K1 fighter standing is scary. Kid was scary when he came out and he's never stopped improving, in MMA he could become one of the most complete fighters out there

Where can I get complete times and results??


ttt for a link

I'll have to get this.

i knew kid hit hard, but i really thought he was gonna get ko'ed
badly. hes good enough to be #1 p4p if he fights more often. if he
fought pequeno, i'd pick kid by ko.

"I knew KID would win!
TOLD YA! lol "

Yeah,you're still an extremely ghey douchebag though.I knew that Kohi would win.

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HAHAHAHHAHA!!! Oh man, it's gonna be fuckin AWESOME watching Murahama beat the fuckin crap out of Kid!! Can't wait!! :)

LOL... There is a black feather on your chin ....

lol, you faygot, I knew someone was gonna give me shit. :)