K-1 MAX Results (SPOILER)

Masato beat Zambidis by JD (but gets injured and pulls out for the next round)

Souwer beat Kohi by JD

Kraus beat JWP by JD

Buakaw beats Jadamba by JD


Souwer beats Sato by doctor stoppage (wich is fucking amazing!)

Buakaw beats Kraus by JD

Superfight: Ramon Dekkers beats Bang by JD (knocked him down every round) what a great comeback for Ramon!


after 2 extension rounds Souwer beats Buakaw to win the MAX

Dekker v. Ludwig

Souwer did not beat Yoshihiro Sato, he beat Kazuya Yasuhiro. Sux that Yasuhiro got cut because he was winning against Souwer, he could have been the one at the finals.

Anybody see the tape or dvd? I heard they dont show the full souwer/buakaw final and do they show the full dekkers/bang fight? If anyone knows please post--

I'm interested in hearing a breakdown of the action. I already have the vid's, but not the correct codecs to view them....

KK -

What format did you get them in??