K-1 Max Worth Ordering?

I mean. I'm a little interested :

If you're talking about the one last Wednesday, then HELL YEAH!!!! Went there live. All fights (apart from one) were well exciting/entertaining.

I was, thanks. I think i'll order.

What's the card?

You can't download it?

quiet greg.


Check out Australia's Ian SCHAFFA. Former shooto fighter who is burning it up in K1 hero's & max. He pro boxed under Jeff FENECH in Australia for a few years after leaving MMA (post shooto).

Him v Kid was off the hook, can't wait to see him in MAX.


Justin - Schaffa's MAX fight was off the hook!! Damn that guy can bang. One of the best fights of the nights! New fan right here

Ian is certainly one of the best standup fighters in MMA at the momment. His comeback to MMA has been exceptional, despite the loss to Kid.

The best fight he has had IMO was his match v GOTOH - K1 hybrid. Thankfully the match led to his Japanese debut, which now allows the greater MMA world to see his talents.

Bitch is now I can't use him on mine ;)


downloading stuff is so hard and consumes alot of money and time so i dunno it might not be worth the time dude.