K-1 / MMA news - Lyoto, Josh

Reports out of Japan, also confirmed on Puroresupower.com, is that Antonio Inoki will be sending his "Army" to participate in the K-1 MMA show(s).

The first show is scheduled for 3/14/04 in Niigata

Names that were mentioned for "Inoki's Army' are Ryoto Machida (Lyoto), Josh Barnett, Kaz Fujita, T.K., Naruse, Shinsuke Nakamura (Who lost to Alexey Ignashov on New Years Eve), Kensuki Sasaki, and possibly Minoru Suzuki (Pancrase) and Takayama.

Two matches named thus far are:

Bob Sapp vs. Dolgosuren Sumiyabazul and Peter Aerts vs. Steve "Dr.Death" Williams.

Expect K-1 to release names of their "Army" of fighters later this week.

My guess is that this initial show will again feature the K-1 vs. Inoki theme that we saw at Boom Bay Yea two years ago.

Correction* - The match between Alexy Ignashov and Shinsuke Nakamura was later ruled a "no contest", due to illegal knees on the part of Ignashov. Nakamura suffered a broken orbital bone in that match. It was apparently a pretty competitive bout until the stoppage.

For Inoki Pro Wrestling fans, that was a big match. Nakamura was the Japanese Wrestling Champ, and is very popular.

Alot of news is focusing on Sapp's match with Sumiyabazul.

Sumiya is a former Olympian (Silver Medal), but he is also the older brother of the current Sumo King, Asashoryu, who is a very popular and controversial figure in Japan. He's a true "Bad Boy" Sumo champ, who broke rules and traditions on his way to becoming the champ.

The youngest brother is a Pro Wrestler named "Blue Wolf", who is known for his freakish strength.

Sapp has declared that he will beat "The Mongolians" one at a time in his Press Conference.

Expect to see Sapp vs. Asashoryu at one of these shows. They made major ratings with Sapp vs. Akebono on 12/31. This match would be just as big (no pun intended)

The major difference is that these "Mongolian Brothers" can truly fight. They do more than just Sumo. They strength train to the max, and have legit wrestling backgrounds.

"It was apparently a pretty competitive bout until the stoppage."

True. I'd enjoy a rematch.

Incidentally, if you combine the best of K-1 Dynamite with the best of Inoki Bom Ba Ye, you'd have a pretty good show.


Sounds boring as hell.

I'll pass.


I will quit my job and apply to that Inoki MMA/NJPW school in LA if he hits the Oklahoma Stampede.



Believe the Cup is correct, and GO K-1!!!!

I think Sapp could mabye take Waterman, but I don't think he'd beat Erikson.

"Sadly ppl might think he can possibly take a "real" super heavy weight such as Tom Erikson or Ron Waterman"

I think Sapp could take Waterman. Though I do agree with you, I'd much prefer to see Sapp in real fights than all these freak show fights against non MMA fighters.

"Sadly ppl might think he can possibly take a "real" super heavy weight such as Tom Erikson or Ron Waterman. Japan feeds him over weight losers."

So you're calling the Dolgosuren brothers overweight losers ? If you are lumping them in a Tomato Can category, you have absolutely no clue as to what type of athletes they are. Do some research first on the Dolgosuren brothers.

Akebono had no business in the K-1 Kickboxing match, I agree, but the fight against Sumiya is an MMA bout.

"McGee would defeat Sapp."

After the performance he gave in the Herring fight I really doubt it.

Nakamura-Ignashov was changed to a no-contest because it was a quick stoppage. Nakamura was hurt by the knee, but got up immediately afterwards. The ref stopped it right when the knee strike occurred.

Nakamura & crew protested the stoppage, that's why it was changed to a no-contest.

I think it should have stuck, but I guess there'll be absolution should a rematch occur.

Sapp's best, and most likely only chance against Sumiya (If it's a legit fight !) is by strikes.

He will get controlled and possibly owned on the ground by this guy.

Sumiya is not some big fat overweight Sumo. He's 265 lbs of solid muscle. He benches 550 lbs ! His inexperience in MMA is something that Sapp has the advantage of, however, Sumiya has been involved in international competition for many years.

I just hope it's legit (Remember Inoki is involved)
Plus, his brother, the Sumo Champ Asashoryu, is the big draw in Japan being the current Sumo Champ.

Sapp beating Sumiya to set up Asashoryu is definately a possibility, which will bring the "revenge" angle into the picture. That would reak of Pro Wrestling and truly suck. I hope it's not the case.

"Nakamura & crew protested the stoppage, that's why it was changed to a no-contest."

I had a feeling that it might have been due to that quick stoppage.