K-1 MMA Put On Hold Indefinitely..

There's an article on MMAweekly that gives some pretty good info on the K-1 situation. You guys should check it out. Things are not not looking very good for Penn at all. It seems as though just about all of the champions who have left the UFC for greener pastures have been in for a rude awakening...

That might very well be true, but that doesn't change anything. If that article is accurate, his options have become very limited. Breaking the UFC contract was a huge mistake.


He deserves it honestly.Why leave the UFC when he knew what was going to happen if he fought in another organization?He got really greedy and wasn't that bad off in the UFC so he reaps what he sows.Hey at least he has Rumble on the Rock and maybe Pride if they want him to fight for them.

once again, he wanted to fight both in the UFC AND overseas. Besides, if the UFC really had a big problem with that they would have been smart enough to make him sign a exclusivity clause when he fought Hughes.

There was an exclusivity clause. That's the point, he broke the clause when he went to K-1.

no there was not, that fight was the LAST on his contract, whether he won or not they had to renegotiate for a new contract.

When he signed for the title fight, he signed an exclusivity clause. He then immediately broke the clause.

Should have stayed with Zuffa.

He was definately thinking short term, takin the big payday.

Funny how his camp said different, and Zuffa hasn't said crap about him breaking ANY exclusivity clause. From all reports I've seen on mma websites, there was none, he was no longer under contract = zuffa screwing up by NOT having a exclusivity clause signed. Now I could be wrong, in which case post a article saying one was signed. Otherwise, from all other reports there was none signed.

I've read several articles that said there WAS an exclusivity contract- including today's MMAweekly article.

"Where does BJ Penn go from here, you ask? As far as big-money offers go, the answer is more than likely nowhere. The UFC is not going to re-hire someone who violated an exclusive UFC contract..."

This quote is from today's article.

He was not under contract. Dana's feeling got hurt when he fought for K-1. When your not under contract it means you have no obligations to anyone except yourself. Dana has sent fighters to other organizations, so it's ok as long as he acts as agent for the fighter, I wonder if he gets paid?