K-1 MMA Show 5/22 Sapp/Fujita

According to Sports Navi Japan, K-1 will host it's next MMA show at the Saitama Sports Arena on 5/22.

That's 1 day before the Pride Bushido Show featuring Kondo vs. Silva.

The main event for the K-1 card, as expected will be Sapp vs. Fujita.

Also on the card will be Alexi Ignashov vs. Wrestler Shinsuke Nakamura.

other names listed for the card are Lyoto, Sam Greco, Michael Mc Donald, Dolgosuren Sumiyabazul, Josh Barnett, Nakao, Genki Sudo, Kid Yamamoto, and Sylvester Terkey, among others.

Isn't Sapp gonna fight Butterbean soon?

"Isn't Sapp gonna fight Butterbean soon?"

Nothing has been announced for that match up, however, I would'nt be suprised.

The plan for Sapp appears to be an equal mixture of MMA and K-1 style fights throughout 2004. He's also scheduled to fight at the K-1 show in Vegas on 4/30 in a K-1 rules fight. Opponent TBD.

"they're fighting MMA rules, right? "

Yes. It is an MMA card. Purportedly, there will be 8-10 matches on this card, all MMA.

Let's hope they try and get this event on same day PPV in North America. Can we email anyone about this?

"Dolgosuren Sumiyabazul"

Let's hope this guy doesn't get himself injured again. Two losses, two injuries. That sucks.

"Genki Sudo"

Who is he fighting? This could be exciting.

I hope Sapp loses. That is all.

Here's the latest.

Theme will be K-1 vs. Team Inoki.

Team Inoki will be:

Fujita, Shinsuke Nakamura, Blue Wolf, Josh Barnett, Lyoto Machida, Masayuki Naruse, Kazunari Murikami, Dolgosuren Sumiyabazul, Sylvester Terkey, and Tom Howard.

Team K-1 will be:

Sapp, Alexey Ignashov, Mark Hunt, Michael McDonald, Sam Greco, Genki Sudo, Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto, Jerome LeBanner, and at least two others, possibly Peter Aerts and Francisco Filho.

Shannon Briggs vs. Gary Goodridge - K-1 rules match up has been hinted at.

According to Puroresu Power /Zak Arnold, he is expecting some unusal match ups for this one. Likr Josh Barnett vs. Genki Sudo, Lyoto vs. "Kid" Yamamoto, Greco vs. Terkey, Le Banner vs. Tom Howard, and Blue Wolf vs. Mark Hunt.

All speculation as far as match ups, but these guys are the fighters for this card.

Blue Wolf? Is that Volk Han?

And if K-1 sets up Barnett vs. Genki, they are more retarded than I thought. That's one of the dumbest matchups I can think of.

Ryan G. - You know better than that !

For those not informed, Blue Wolf is an NJPW Pro Wrestler. He is the youngest Dolgosuren brother out of Mongolia.

His older brothers are Sumiyabazul, and the current Sumo Champ Asahoryu.

He, like his brothers, is incredibally strong. How that translates into MMA success remains to be seen for him.

His brother Sumiya is very talented, however, injury prone as was evidenced in his matches with TK and Sapp.

FUJITA!!! HE is coming back here next week to train for this fight with us. MArco will teach him how to beat Sapp. Just like he taught him how to choke out that boxer on his feet.

I also read that "Kid" Yamamoto is like 5'4" tall, 140 lbs. No matter who he battles from Inoki's Team, he'll be way outweighed and outmuscled.

although it's one of the stupidest matchups i've ever heard of, Sudo vs Barnett is an extremely interesting match


Do you think you could take pics of Fujita training with you guys and post them here? And could you tell us more about Fujita? As in how he does in training, is he a cool guy, etc.


BTW Genki/Barnett better be a joke.


I really hope Genki vs. Barnett doesn't happen. Sapp vs. Fujita will be interesting though.

Ok, for once I would bet against Genki. Still it will be interesting to see what he tries to pull against a larger, skilled opponent.

K-1 seems to take a different approach. Remember Genki fought, and beat a much bigger and less skilled Butterbean on New Years Eve.

I would'nt be at all suprised to see him battle Josh. It would be ridiculous, but it probably will happen.


Holy shit, Barnett vs. Genki??????????????

Are you kidding me??????????????????????