K-1 on Espn 2 now

I seen it already but I think there is 2 hours of it tonight

God those were awful. Heavyweight K-1 is just some of the worst fights I've seen. You hope to watch fights to learn better strategy and technique, and I always end up feeling as if I've watched a couple of C class fighters swinging wildly, with little stamina. Too bad Channel 5 Thai fights aren't more readily available stateside.

At least you don't get Will Vanders doing the commentary on ESPN. Painful!

I would agree that k-1 Max is great, but would argue with you to the death that the K-1 heavyweights are some of the worst pro fights ever put on. Fat asses, 'roid boys and circus freaks. And people pay to see it.


I couldn't agree with you more..."circus freaks"..that pretty much sum's it up. The reality is that's why the sport of "muay thai" has and in my view will never really get the exposure it deserves here in the US. All people want to see are 2 big "freaks" kicking ass, one of the reason's MMA is starting to take off is due to that....just look at the heavyweight fighters...there all "jacked" up and ready to kill.

Knowbody wants to see 2 130lb fighters knee eachother for 5 rounds. All though to people like me and you that's all we want to see because we understand and love the sport, while other people have no clue.

Just my view's.......

David Bokman
Body Arts Gym

dbok1 -

Right on! MMA doesn't do it for me either anymore. At first, the UFC was intriguing pitting different styles and sizes of fighters against one another...now, everyone seems like a former college wrestler who takes a month of muay Thai for striking and all the "supplements" they can get theire hands on. BORING.


If Carter Williams took any more steroids we'd confuse him w/ Bob Sapp.

Maybe Carter took those "vitamins" Barry Bonds has been taking for year. Amazing how many of those guys admit to taking pills prescribed by their docs and have remarkably no idea what they are taking.

K1 seems to operate on two levels, Bob Sapp et al who are just there to get people without a clue interested and then Bonyasky (sp?), Hoost and others who have a lot of skill and are there for the afficionados


but the point is ...........yea the heavyweights are not as skilled as some but you or all of us need to watch these shows when they are on to promote our sport. if it takes people watching the heavyweights knocking each other out to further our cause so be it !...........

Umm I don't see any resemblence and if the dude on the left is juicing, he should sue his dealer.

Not to mention the fact that his round kick-hook-spinning backfist-hook-round kick combo on Fujimoto in 2003 was one of the coolest things I've seen in a while...

I personally like watching K1 heavyweights. I'd watch more K1max if it were easier to get my hands on the tapes over here. I know maybe I'm a bit of an optimist, I actually enjoy the excitement of today's heavyweight scene in professional boxing (the fact that anyone can become champ any given night); but I feel that there are still a bunch of viable technicians in the K1 heavyweight division.