We've put up a gallery of photos from K-1 Battle at
the Bellagio 2 at www.MaxFighting.com.

I'd post a couple here, but I've yet to renew my blue
name :)

Peter Lockley

Peter,please drop me an email when you get the chance...phenom39k@aol.com

You've got mail.

as always.. spectacular photographs Peter.. send me some via email and I will post them on the thread for you.. bogart6868@aol.com




If you can link them from MaxFighting that would be



peter... Email me the ones of John Polokawski, and Scott Lighty please... I'll send you a Pit Shirt.

Thanks Patricia...

Etienne, it's pretty much the same as shooting the
stand up in MMA, just try to anticipate and look for
good angles. Good luck.




That shot of Tyson and Ali just made my desktop.


Yeah, it was cool to see the two of them together



cool pics

As usual those pics are awesome!

Awesome as usual......But can you post your other jobs pictures too? When I grow up I want to be just like you.

Thanks for letting me snore with you guys this weekend.

Anytime Jeff... I'll show you those "other jobs pictures" another time ;)Tigger, that's Rob McCullough (L) vs. John Polakowski. There were 4 unaired prelims, they're all up in the gallery on MaxFighting.comPeter Lockley

Great job Peter.

btw did you shoot with a 28-70 f/2.8?

I'm considering a 50mm f/1.4 as low light ringside backup for places with bad lighting rigs.

if I had 2500 bucks I'd get the canon 50mm f/1.0 L.

Don't buy the 50 f1.0 for photographing fights. It's nice glass, but you'd have no depth of field at f1.0, and it would be hard to get anything completely in focus. You'd end up shooting everything at 2.0, 2.8 anyway, so the 50 f1.4 is fine.

I do shoot mostly with the 28-70, sometimes the 17-35 and sometimes the 80-200 (All f2.8).

Peter Lockley

Tigger...That is the EXTREMELY tough John "Buckets of Blood" polakawski, from The Pit Fight Team, in a very brave, yet losing effort against a very talented, and "on" Razor Rob McCullough. John showed great courage, class and heart in defeat, and Razor Rob showed the same qualities in victory.

Thanks for the reply Peter.

Yeah there's some tradeoffs with the f/1, problem is that for a lot of small local shows there is very, very crappy lighting. I'm lucky to get 1/100 at f/1.8 sometimes.

the f/1 would be a lens for my regular still experimentation but also as my low-light ringside backup - my f/1.8 50mm cant save most of the shots in these low lighting situations.

Academic anyway, if i had 2500 bucks it would probably go first into a 120-300 f/2.8 Sigma (since I cant afford Canon) tele and Manfrotto tripod for shooting from elevated.

Tigger Great pics! You caught some great action!