K-1 Rickson News Oct Conference

Friday, October 26, 2007

K-1 2007 Dynamite!! Press Conference Notes

K-1 parent company FEG held a press conference earlier this week to
officially announce that Kazushi Sakuraba and Masakatsu Funaki will
meet for the first time in their careers on New Year's Eve at K-1
Premium 2007 Dynamite!! at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan.

Rickson Gracie was originally rumored to be on the card but will now
most likely fight early next year according to FEG officials, against the
winner of Sakuraba-Funaki:

"I want to have Rickson fight as soon as possible next year," said FEG
President Sadaharu Tanigawa. "Even if it is not in our ring, even in
another organization, I would send these champions to fight."

Gracie was originally set to take on Funaki for the second time in his
career at the event but it was Funaki who decided that he would rather
face a different opponent:

"I've already lost once to Rickson, so Sakuraba is the better choice,"
Funaki said.

Other fighters Tanigawa mentioned as possibilities to fight on the card
include Hidehiko Yoshida, Kid Yamamoto, Yoshihiro Akiyama, Ikuhisa
Minowa, Katsuyori Shibata, and Masato Kobayashi.


Rickson vs Funaki 2

Dear god.

Hopefully Rickson finally takes the Sakuraba match...I don't care how over the hill they are.

Yoshida will probably use inhume amounts of juice and just kill him standing. Rickson has no chance taking him down.

Not that this will even actually happen.

even IF Rickson does end up fighting, this is pretty funny

If Rickson had just gracefully retired years ago (as he had every right to do), he would incur so much less shit and be remembered mostly positively as one of the true original legends of the sport, along with Royce.

But his continual teasing dalliances with comebacks and never actually going through with them, along with his critical remarks towards current top fighters (with the implication that he would be able to beat them) have made him seem like just a vainglorious, flaky, self-promoting sideshow.

The guy's almost 50. He should be left alone as a venerated icon.

But he just won't let himself be.

Whistleblower by vocabulary

vain?glo?ri?ous (vān-gl?r'ē-əs, -glōr'-) Pronunciation Key
adj. 1. Characterized by or exhibiting excessive vanity; boastful.

Well, he is a very good looking man.

No, "vainglorious" as when in speaking out on the top MMA fighters, he would say that when he sees them fight, he sees so many "holes" in their games that are right there, just waiting to be easily exploited.

Thereby giving the strong implication that he would be able to easily exploit those "holes" (his word, btw).

Iirc, one of the fighters he included in that statement was Nog - the greatest BJJ-based fighter in MMA history.

Yoshida would demolish Rickson worse than he demolished his younger brother the 1st time they fought.

Could Rickson go toe to toe with wand in his prime and take him to decision? NO.

Rickson vs. Sakuraba would be a more fair matchup. Yoshida fight would be too predictable.


Rickson v. Akiyama would be the fight, however Rickson won't go near that.

Rickson will only fight Funaki.

If Sak takes out Funaki (which he will), Rickson will be nowhere to be found.

I am (was?) a big Rickson fan but either of those fights is a joke.
Rickson v. Funaki 2 is too funny for words. I guess it is about the
money and a guaranteed win for him.

Just have Rickson fight Akiyama.