K-1 update 3/14/04 MMA show

From the K-1 site:

K-1 BEAST 2004 in Niigata
Date : March 14, 2004
Place : Toki Messe, Niigata Japan

7th Match : K-1 MMA RULE 5Minutes x 3Rounds

Bob SappUSA / Team Beast
Dolgorsuren Sumiyabazar

6th Match : K-1 MMA RULE 5Minutes x 3Rounds

Alexey Ignashov Belarus / Chinuk Gym
Steve Williams
(Peter Aerts is out with an injury)

5th Match : K-1 MMA RULE 5Minutes x 3Rounds

Michael McDonald,Canada
LYOTO, Brazil / Office INOKI

4th Match : K-1 RULE 3Minutes x 5Rounds

Tsuyoshi Nakasako
Japan / Seido Kiakan
MavrickUSA / Shark Tank Gym

3rd Match : K-1 RULE 3Minutes x 5Rounds

Hiromi Amada
Japan / TENKA 510
USA / Team Butterbean

2nd Match : K-1 RULE 3Minutes x 5Rounds

Tatsufumi Tomihira
Japan / Seido Kaikan
Petr Vondracek
Czech Rpublick / Bacardi

1st Match : K-1 RULE 3Minutes x 5Rounds

Masaaki Miyamoto
Japan / Japan Seido Kaikan
Cliff "Twin Tyson" Couser
USA / Team Rekcio

Opening Fight : K-1 MMA RULE 5Minutes x 3Rounds

Ivan Salaverry,USA
Haliun Boldbaatar,

Haliun Boldbaatar is an outstanding Judoka from Mongolia. His brother debut'd last year and lost to Osami Shibuya in a Pancrase/NJPW event. This guy is lighter and younger. Good match up against Salverry.

Japanese Press has been building up the Sapp / Sumiya match big time lately. Sounds like alot of Pro Wrasslin hype. I hope that it's a legit fight.

Sapp has been mouthing off about beating up Sumiya's younger brother, the current Sumo champ Asahoryu. Big gate and money if Sapp battles another Sumo.

I would expect Sapp to win this match against Sumiya, based on the potential #'s for a Sapp / Asahoryu revenge angle match. Smells fishy, let's wait and see.


Does anybody know anything about the Mongolian fighters? I hear there are supposed to be some good fighters from that area.

Both Mongolians in this event are top notch.

Dolgosuren Sumiyabazul is a former Olympic Freestle Heavyweight wrestler. Took Kurt Angle to OT in the Olympics, and has a victory over Coleman in international competition.

Haliun Boldbaatar is a very accomplished Judoka. Recently took home the Bronze medal in the All Asian Championships. We'll see how that translates into MMA.

A new match just announced - Stephan Gamlin vs. Sam Greco - MMA rules.

Gamlin is a Pro Wrestler, who fought in a K-1 rules match against Bob Sapp and lost by KO.

Greco has been training for MMA for awhile now. His photo is featured on the K-1 site, sparring with Ignashov. He's also sporting the shaved head look.

is this going to be on US PPV as well?