K-1 Update - Jirov, Mercer, Tyson

Here's what's happening, re: K-1's plans for a boxing vs. kickboxing angle on June 6 in Nagoya, Japan.

- Vassiliy Jirov is not fighting, period. His management (DiBella Entertainment) knows nothing about it. Jirov is coming off an excellent showing against Joe Mesi and there are plenty of offers on the table for him.

- Ray Mercer signed to fight DaVarryl Williamson on June 8. This is not some club fight, but the main event of a nationally televised ESPN2 card. Today, Mercer announced his retirement from boxing, and claims he informed his promoters of this on Monday, 5/24.

Retirement is one way out of a bout or promotional agreement. This would seem to indicate that Mercer is headed for the K-1 show next weekend. I have no idea what legal complications are going to come out of this - while Mercer is not technically boxing, he's essentially calling retirement and then heading right into a fight.

It could be said that since ESPN and K-1 have a relationship, and the June 6 event may be on ESPN PPV, that ESPN would allow Mercer to compete in Japan. However, this does little to appease people who have been buying tickets for the ESPN2 boxing card.

- K-1 is insisting that Tyson box one of their promoted fighters for a 7/30 or 7/31 event. Tyson is not going to agree to fight anyone but Kevin McBride: he hasn't fought since February of 2003 and his handlers aren't going to allow for anything else. If K-1 doesn't agree to McBride, then there is no deal.

What's that smell coming from the boxers dressing room?...........oh ya fear!

I was wondering why Jirov would go straight to K-1

K1 wants no part of jirov... that guy is a friggin cyborg. pack a lunch if your fighting him...

Thanks for the update. It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

"K1 wants no part of jirov... that guy is a friggin cyborg."

lol, I've never seen a cyborg fatigue before.

The only fear coming out of the boxers dressing room is the fear of being ripped off by the corrupt Japanese K-1 judges.

It's good to see you back on the UG Jake

I think everyone should trust maxfighting.com's updates on the K-1 vs. boxing situation over any other MMA website due to the website's boxing connections

And Jake...you and the rest of the guys from maxfighting.com were right about Tito not wanting to fight Chuck all along...Tito was scared to death before he even got in the ring...so, you were correct :)

Jake said Tito was avoiding Chuck after UFC 40

I said Tito was just trying to capitalize financially on his win over Shamrock and the success of UFC 40. I didn't think Tito was worried about Chuck, I thought it was just about money.

But....Tito only took the fight with Chuck after he lost the title and his bargaining power. Then he acted scared to death to get in the ring with Chuck.

So...Jake was correct

TTT for Jake.

Man, let it go. This thread has nothing to do with Tito/Chuck.