K-1 video:Cro Cop vs Sapp

when was that?..my computer is not that clear..did he go down from the punch or kick?

thomash:Mirko's punch broke Sapp orbital bone.

Peace and''um grande abra├žo''

Nice !

2 things

1) Thanks, I've never seen the whole fight
2) Damn, crocop needs to get some sun!


These clips and many more can be seen at.


awesome clip, thanks man

watching that i realize the reason Mirko did better than all the K-1 guys, is because Mirko knows a little wrestling. everytime Sapp bumrushed Mirko, Mirko knew how to tie up. if you watch Hoost, Abidi, Bonjasky, they don't know any wrestling at all, and when Sapp bumrushed them, they just put their hands up protecting their hands and absorbing punches instead of tying up with Sapp.

Tying up is a boxing skill, not wrestling.

This fight really dem Mirko's strength.