K-1 video: Sapp vs Kimo

Damn!!! I never saw that... Kimo might of had that if he didnt gas, he rocked him good a few times. Thanks for that!

Nice pro wrestling match.

thanks man.

Man, first time I saw this one... Sapp looked far worse in victory than Kimo did in defeat.


What a horrible, horrible fight. I think Tyson must've had a HUGE smile on his face while watching this fight. I think he must've seen Botha's bouts afterward as he's been none too eager to fight now.

The funny thing about is that Sapp 70% of his shots land illegally to the back of his opponents heads because of his wingspan and penchant for fighting in close.

Both of these guys should stick to MMA as this fight looked like something from Toughman.

it was ugly...but exciting

There were a couple of times that Kimo looked like he was trying for a shoot and then realized it was K-1.


everything Sinister said is correct.

These clips and many more can be seen at.


That's one exciting Fight.

My observations: Sapp keeps getting better. Everybody dodges on him, but he kick now, and his kicks look strong, he also has some mean punches.

Kimo stand up isn't great, but he hits hard, he is sorta like smaller, faster, weaker Sapp.

Both are better in MMA.

I hope Tyson vs. Sapp will be in MMA, and MMA only.

Sapp is a joke.

The actual KO shot was a punch to the back of the head. K-1 is a circus.

Was that a real fight?

Sapp is a baaaad brutha

kimo got screwed in that fight

LOL @ work

I'd like to see Kimo vs Sapp in MMA.

perfect display of tecnique in that fight.