K-1 video: Sapp vs Kimo

is it me or was that some funny ass shit

Most technical striking I've ever witnessed in K-1.

it looked like Kimo roid raged on Sapp aften he put him on queer street, then realize "oh shit, i'm NOT supposed to win," then keels over from the next "punch" Sapp throws. the throwing the mouth piece of the ground looked like he was giving Sapp time to regain composure, not himself. because Sapp was the one on queer street, while Kimo looked fine. imagine if Sapp DID lose.....the Tyson/Sapp setup would've gone to shit.

You guys are looking too hard for conspiracies.

the falling kills me

gobruins has bear hugged the correct.

Sapp was out. Kimo was not hurt/gassed.