K-1 Winning the game??


"K-1 Winning the game??
Posted by fightworld

Sources are saying that K-1 is coming out the advance winner as far as ticket sales go. The company's first venture as a head-to-head foe against Pride is paying off.

PRIDE 12/31 Saitama Super Arena show is rumored to have 40-60% of the tickets left (not good news.

Inoki's Kobe Wing Stadium show is said to be int he same boat.

K-1's Nagoya Dome event is expected to sell out completely as more political boundries have been crossed and bridges are being burned.

Pride has taken a serious hit in the talent pool. Especially if lawsuits are to be filed against the likes of Fedor and others who fight for Inoki."

k1 has regular airtime here in the states in espn, the most popular sports channel. no mma event has that here in the usa