K-1 World Max 2morrow...

K-1 World Max is tomorrow w/ the following lineup w/ my picks.

John Wayne Parr vs Shane Chapman: PARR by KO

Virgil Kalkoda vs Alberto Kraus: KRAUS by KO

Masato vs Chi Bin Lim: MASATO by KO

Visily Shish vs Baukaw Por Puramuk: PURAMUK by KO

Superfight K-1 Rules

Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto vs Mike Zambidis: KID by KO

...I'll go with Kraus to win the tournament. I would've initially picked Baukaw, but Kraus decisioned him a few months ago. Its tough to pick between Kraus, Baukaw and Masato. Kraus has wins and losses to both Masato and Bakauw and Masato has a decision loss to Bakauw.

I hope Kid gets KO'd but I don't know who Zamibidis is so I don't see it happening.

Thanks for correction.

You forgot to mention how Sam "hands of stone" Stout will KO Kid's training partner with a boot to the head.

zambidis is dangerous, he gave masato all he wanted in the finals a couple of years ago and lost a decision in the best fight of the night. k-1 rules you have to go with zambidis in this one

Go Sammy!!!

Zambidis is awesome, but Kid did put Masato on his ass when they fought. This should be a great fight with lots of action.

I pick Zambidis to win over Kid

kid is a great fighter but i think zambidis' boxing ability will get him the win in this one.

orcus is right, this will easily be the fight of the night. i see it looking a lot like masato/zambidis with mike taking it.

if anyone hasn't see masato/zambidis make sure you check it out, the best k-1 max fight i've seen as far as two guys going toe to toe.

i promise you'll have new found respect for mike.

" hope Kid gets KO'd but I don't know who Zamibidis is so I don't see it happening."

Dude, if you havent seen enough of K1MAX to know who Zambidis is, then you shouldnt be making predictions for any other of the fights.

What time is the show???

Zambidis is going to house KID. It should be entertaining

ttt for the time of the show...

The event takes place at 5pm local time in Japan, which will make it 4am Eastern in the States

Buakaw vs JWP part 2! I am hoping this happens.


Kid is going to get rocked by Zambidis. That is one scary little man. If Kid can even go the distance, let alone win, I'll just give up and say this is the most freakishly athletic person on earth.

Zambidis is going to knock out that hype machine.

Believe it.

you guys should be betting this like crazy - odds have changed dramatically since opening at betonfighting.com


WILL THIS BE ON PPV???????????????????????????