K.O.T.M DVD. released for 14th May

Good Quality Footage

Double DVD with 17 fights (11 RF & 6 KB)

$35 plus postage

Contact me 0408 790 641


Nominations for RF 8 (K.O.T.M.)

Note: Carefully think about it before you nom.I only want serious contenders

In Toowoomba

SAT 15th Oct.

Contact: joeperry@bigpond

Let me know early, so I can get some evenly matched fights sorted. Which is my No. 1 priority.

Need weight, age, experience, currently what is your training style and what you want under A or B Rules

This event is especially tailor made for 1st. timers (novices) who want to make a start in M.M.A. events or fighters with experience. My main goal is to match local Toowoomba fighters VS out of towners/interstate

At this early stage I have had 5 serious nominations

Reguards Joe

Im interested, i made my debut at the last XFC. Im 77kgs and stand at 184cms. Im from WA though, but you mentioned insterstaters were welcome.Wouldnt mind fighting Peter Davis for his belt. Hes a hard nut with alot of experience. Win or Lose it would be a learning curve.