K.O.T.M. Matches R.F.9 20th May

We have another action packed night on Saturday the 20th May 2006.

Please contact 46 327 391 for discounted tickets (pre-book) and more infomation.

  • 3 K.O.T.M. Title fights and a Qld I.S.K.A. Kickboxing Feather Weight Title, all of which will be fought under "A" Rules except for one which will be fought under modified junior rules.
    They are as follows: (This is not the order they will appear on the night)

  • K.O.T.M. Light Heavy Weight Title (3 x 5min Rds)

Peter Hickmott (Rings Tmba) 86kg Vs 89kg Lenny Kent

(Renegade Combat Centre Gold Coast).

  • K.O.T.M. Middle Weight Title

Peter Davis (Rock Hard Gym Tmba) 72kg Vs 74kg Art
Marie (Bris).

  • K.O.T.M. Light Middle Weight Title

Ross McCosker (Rock Hard Gym Tmba) 63kg Vs 63kg
Takao Kitahira (Matt Cooper Bris)

  • David Behrendt (Kachi Martial Arts Tmba) 79kg Vs
    74kg Dwayne Ryan (Rock Hard Gym Tmba).

  • Michael Mortimer (Intergrated Martial Arts -Danny
    Higgins)63kg Vs 63kg Beau Flegler(Chinchilla Qld).

  • Shane Hensley (Rock Hard Gym Tmba) 74kg Vs 70kg Ryan
    Dunstan (Matt Cooper Bris).

  • Ryan Mortimer ( Intergrated Martial Arts-Danny
    Higgins)66kg Vs 69kg Travis Schintler (Chinchilla)

  • Paul Beckman (Rock Hard Gym Tmba) 77kg Vs 68 kg
    Mark Eason (Trevor Farnell Bris).

  • Jarrod Kath (Rings Tmba) 70kg Vs T.B.A.

  • Dylan McDonald (Rock Hard Gym Tmba) 84kg Vs 82kg
    Rowan Merdith (Rings Tmba).


  • Brett Ship (Kachi Martila Arts Tmba) 43kg Vs 43kg Kayden Cockrell (Randori Ryu Stanthorpe).


*QLD I.S.K.A. Feather Weight Title

  • Shane Pearson(Kachi Martial Arts Tmba Joseph Perry)
    58kg Vs 57kg Matt Green (Zen Do Kai Tmba Jim Friis)

    • Matthew Behrendt (Kachi Martial Arts Tmba) 55kg Vs 57kg Jayden Kuhnemann (John Kunemann Bris).
    • Jason Dix (Zen Do Kai Tmba) 70kg Vs 68Kg Mark Evan LLoyd(Team Ngapuhi Twmb)
    • Jordan Tibble 68kg Vs 68kg Brendan Corones (John Kuhnemann Bris)
    • Mark Chatman (Peter Hickmott) 115kg Vs 98kg Rod (Rocket) Deeaux (Team Ngapuhi Twma).

Best of luck to all, especially Peter HICKMOTT who I treat as a brother when I'm up in that cold mountain air :)

Seriously, good luck mr bull.


Best of luck to Ryan Dunstan.


All the best to Mick and Ryan Mortimer of IMA. They are a couple of our teams up and coming future champs. STRENGTH AND COURAGE fellas.

Looks like a nice card..

  • Juggs

ttt - travel to toowoomba

What time does it all start?

All the best to Takao Kitahira and Ryan Dunstan.

Doors open 6pm Show starts 7pm

Hope to see you there


looks like its going to be a good nite there joe and i think ill put my money on peter hickmott to take the title go the the bull