K.Shamrock vs Bisping bet

I'll bet anyone $50 that Shamrock will win if this fight happens.

If you're interested say so and I'll choose who gets the bet.

right here

<3YST'sSAUSAGE got in first on another thread so I'm going to take his bet. Rickmassmma, I'll take your bet too!

So that's:

Me vs Rickmassmma

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If we're talking purely hypothetical, I'm going to say that nobody sees this match because they're too busy watching pigs fly.

Lets make it a pro membership and a screenname change.  I will take that bet.  No way that geriatric brawler and leglocker is going to beat anyone.

Hakf, do you also play poker? :)

if this match really comes off, anyone who wants to bet on shamrock would be better off getting odds, since i'm sure he'll be the underdog. don't bet someone here just 1:1, that's stupid

I play poker, do you recognise my handle?

Well I guess these bets are off!