K1 Dynamite was the WORST

MMA production EVER. From the beginning, to call it pathetic, would be too nice. 42 minutes into the event, the 1st match is finally over. Too much down time with that stupid fighters entrance, and all the retarded drumming and dancing shit. I know there were haters of Gracie Fighting Championships, but that show blew this one out of the water (with exception of Keith Davis).

I had some issues with the show like everyone else but one thing I thought was cool was the drumming intermission.   

I agree, it was the worst. Painful. The fights were not much better.

What was up with the dudes on the stilts/pogosticks......and the dude playing the horn?

I was DVRing both the NBA finals and the fights, which allowed me to pretty much watch both in close to real time while still cutting out all the bullshit, and in that format K-1 was awesome (other than the Sak-Royce fight); every other fight was entertaining, even if not of the highest level, and there was constant action during all the fights. 4 first rounders and a very good 2 rounder. Plus, how many events include the following: an NFL player knocked the fuck out, the most ridiculous dancing routine of all time, an 0-4 fighter getting pummeled to near death and then pulling out the win, a huge pro wrestler come into the ring and actually fight, and the "R" in Royce Gracie being repeatedly pronounced?

In all, it was cheesy and poorly produced, but it was pretty amusing, especially if you skip through all the tedious bullshit. I got my money's worth.

saku not even trying was the worst thing for me

10 times better production than Bodog. Better action than last UFC overall. Made me realize that UFC has alot of fights with kids. The only kid in Dynamite was "suspenders" from the UK. I rather watch anyone of the Dynamite no names, than Leben/Starnes again.

the dong sik/manhoef fight was much better than any UFC fight in recent memory. This was a true style vs. style matchup that had authentic back and forth action.

The production was actually pretty good as it got dark. MMA wasn't mean to be held in the daytime.

lol @ typical morning after kneejerk reactions

"the dong sik/manhoef fight was much better than any UFC fight in recent memory. This was a true style vs. style matchup that had authentic back and forth action."

Karo/Burkman? That was pretty recent...and better.

Bodog=better fights than K1 Dynamite.

GFC=better production than K1 Dynamite(except Keith Davis)

K1 Dynamite=MMA. Bad, but still MMA.

Although it was bad, I would get it again. Just didnt like all the ghey crap going on, like the horn guy, the jumping stilts dudes, the torch, Dennis Rodman, etc. Bill Goldberg and Jay Glazer were good though. Saku took a dive (even though I think he won rds 1&2). The lack of "unknown" fighters does not bother me, so long as they can fight.

Johnny Morton had no business being in the ring with ANYONE. He clearly has not had enough training, and it showed.

I liked Dong Sik v. Mahoef and Pickett v. Tokoro. Not much else to talk about.


Laughable daytime production saved by later darkeness and some great fights

"Karo/Burkman? That was pretty recent...and better."

LOFL that was one of the worst fight I have ever seen in my life.. other than Karo's throw which was real nice, it was just a horrible kickboxing match.. I would compare it to toughman, but usually even those guys show more skill than what Karo/Burkman displayed..

Dong Sik/Manhoef was the only good fight last night, the rest of the lineup was nerfed by the CSAC..

whoever put $ on Dong Sik came up bigtime..

don't know if you could hear him on the PPV, but that damn annoying DJ/announcer seriously needed to be shot. wtf was that? at least hire somebody that has actually heard of mma before. and at what kind of professional sporting event does some a-hole comment over the pa DURING the fights? total joke. several people need to be fired.

"Better action than last UFC overall."


LOL..at people bashing Karo/Burkman and prasing Sik/Manhoef.

Seriously go watch Sik/Manhoef again (i just did)....95% of the fight was Sik controlling him in the clinch and on the ground. Melvin's offense consisted of two 3-5 second flurries. It was an entertaining fight (especially the slick sub at the end) but hardly the "authentic back and forth action" you guys are saying.