K1 question

Ive known about K1 for years but could never watch it, but now with the fight network ive been checkin out the fights. My question is i thought K1 was the top level kickboxing and ive seen just kickboxing K1, but im watching K1 Dynamyte and its MMA on the same card.. explaination please

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ttt for some help

K1 merges their MMA and K1 show together for NEW years.

The MMA event is K1 heroes run by Akira Maeda of Rings fame.

their kickboxing shows are usually separate.

Regular K1 is free weight.

K1 MAX is stricly 70 kg.

K1 Heroes is their MMA promotion.

Previously they had an MMA organization called ROMANEX, but that didn't survive.

K-1 since the late 90's has dabbled with putting some MMA fights on their cards. K-1 is the most popular fight sport in Japan, but its sponsors and promoters realize MMA is growing and they like to cover all the "bases".