K1 Romanex PICS !!!

Finally avalable on sportnavi !


Whats going on here? The Gracies surely didnt complain again?


what the hell is going on in this pic?

img src=http://sportsnavi.yahoo.co.jp/fight/k1/live/200405/22/photo/a05/pict/pict16.jpg

LOL@soccer head to Sapps head

great pics, gotta love the caramel canvas.

Hmmm - I can't tell what's going on in that last pic. Was there some kind of post-fight altercation or what?

BSF probably hit the nail on the head.

LOL i knew he was gonna kick Roylers ass i say even if they are not Genki's teacher's Royce should have promoted Genki from Brown(Genki is a brown belt in bjj) to Black on the spot of that.

What!! A Gracie a sore loser? Say it ain't so...

Sudo vs. Royce next.

I wonder what excuses will be posted on ADCC...


LOL. Royler got owned so badly.

That pic of Rolyer KO'ed on the ground with the ref checking, while Genki stands bowing is priceless. CAn you say owned?

woohoo, great stuff...wish it was on ppv

Disrespectful haters. Bashing the guys and you don´t even know what happened. All I hear here is people saying: "I think" or "I guess" from the pictures that they were complaining about the stoppage.
Get your facts straight before you criticize.

great pics

There was no altercation afterwards. They did not seem angry at each other nor at the ref(on TV). While pounding away Sudo hit Roylers mouthguard out of hid mouth. Was a good ref stoppage.

And Sudo has the BEST entrances ever!!!

the gracie hating on here is caused by the gracie nutswinging on here. no matter who wins, someone will gloat

More pictures please.