K1 Saitama on tv in NZ now

very funny Mike bernado took more hits than a german slapdance, got to love the commentry

Remarkables and K-1. Damn you guys are lucky over there!

dont forget we get all the UFC's live too.

there is also more hits than the internet.

You have to use the "more hits than the mob" call before you can use the Internet one.

Just finished watching it, had to tape it last night. Only two good fights out of the lot. Hoost vs Bajrami(sp), and Williams vs Ignashov. Thank god it was free to air.

And steinlager at $35-40 a slab! If u guys could play rugby i might move there ;)

i think they should rename K1 the freak show

What the hell was the Big Cat Tom Erickson doing there?

i could not understand why you would put Shannon Briggs with Tom Erickson in a kickboxing fight, unless you wanted an easy fight for Shannon Briggs.

The Bob Sapp fight was interesteing, if you like a laugh.

Akebono should loose about 100kg or only fight bob sapp.