K1 Semmy Schilt vs. Mark Hunt (vid)



what does schilt weigh

As age catches up with Hunt, that spare tire around his middle really starts slowing him down.


semmy has learned how to piece things together

vengence - wow

semmy has learned how to piece things together

'chea, I was thinking as I was watching, holy fuck he looks unstoppable, seriously get in close and your chin is getting kneed, stay on the outside and your legs are getting chopped the fuck down, mid range and you are in range of all of his tools - seriously he has to be the best big guy in combat sports.

 Badr Hari vs Ray sefo

Man, Semi picked Mark apart like a vulture on a corpse.


What an ass kicking!!!

Hunt needs to lose some weight and make HW cause he had nothing for Semmy..amazing finish to the fight.

Glaube feitosa vs alex roberts...


damn schilt is a bad man...

Agree with other Posters Semmy looked huge compared to Hunt; total domination with a liver kick KO; Wow!

Semmy come back to MMA, any HW Division needs you!!

 Impressive. But is it just me or does Semmy look a bit out of shape compared to how he's been in the past?

Badr Hari is an animal...wow

lol Glaube Feitosa put on a clinic

that was embarassing

It's been a long time since Hunt fought so I don't see it as too bad of a performance from that perspective. But Schilt is such a beast. He must weigh at least 300 lbs now and his skills are better and better. How many of the top K-1 guys has he finished at this point?

looking at badr hari, you'd never guess he'd generate so much power in those punches.

that and i think sefo's really headed in a bad direction

lol at some of you guys.

Hunt hasn't done pro kickboxing in what, 4 years? and he got KOed by the best kickboxer in the world? OH NOZ. Hunt has never had defense to the body and it caught up to him again

Sammy definitly looked flabby and a little out of shape but his size and technique is just so hard to het passed. Great back kick, well disguised, to close the show: Benny The Jet used to love them!

Badr Hari just keeps getting better and better - he is a real handful these days and just put a beating on ray sefo which is rare to see.

alex roberts looked like he was punching underwater and was 'pushing' his shots. He needs to work on his hands (and his head kick defence!) IMO

Feitosa is so deadly as he can get that kick off from relatively close range. Roberts just wasnt expecting to get a shin across his jaw from that position.