K1 should make this 4 man tourny.

Rd 1

Royce vs Hermes

Baroni vs Sherk

Interesting match ups IMO, would be great in front of a huge Japanese crowd. Royce would probably take it, he is well proven fighting more than once a night.

I doubt it EightBall, Royce as a heel works well and would bring in the fans.

I wouldnt be surprised if Royce lost to any of the other three.

Royce uses his size to dominate Hermes for a decision or late choke. Sherk probably beats Baroni by dec of course but whoever gets through this fight is gassed and will have nothing left to threaten Royce with. Royce wins the final by early sub IMO.

Royce is bigger than Sherk and has proven his stamina fighting more than once a night many times. I would not say Sherk would be SO gassed but Baroni would take a lot out of him and could possibly win. Royce would sub Baroni quick if he made it through.

50mg vs 12mg = Trouble for Sherk.

Royce dominated Yoshida in the second fight, you do not give him enough credit EightBall.

TTT lot of interesting fights if this happens.

Royce by gogoplata