K1@ The Mirage 4-29-06 ???

anyone interested in this? I'm headed there 2 morrow night and so far there is no "buzz" whatsoever.

I've been to countless UFC's but never a K1. I'm pretty psyched to check it out. I hope it's good, I've also seen plenty of thai fights in Thailand but this should be more of a "Show"

I am interested in this card, especially Predator vs. Choi and the return of Leko to K-1. Unfortunately it's not available on PPV until friggin' JUNE 16th, so I definitely won't be buying it then. Give us a PBP if you can tomorrow night! I'll be watching Frietas vs. Raheem instead.

I'll be leaving my laptop at home, I'll post some winners if I remember.

I plan on getting so hammered that I don't remember a thing though.

I will be tryin 2 follow this 2mmrow.

Suprised that Willaims weighed 275.............I still think he beats Fuji......

and Karaev should send Leko packing.

Wonder how Williams looks at that weight and if he will be effective.

Predator and Choi fought once, didn't they?

Can they really be an interesting fight to watch?


Well, I would have thought that it wouldn't be close, but Predator clearly beat the crap out of Bonjasky on the NYE show but lost another of K-1's specialty crooked judge's decisions, so this could be a close fight. I don't think Choi is really all that great.

Oh, and Joey if you could keep us posted with the results that would be fantastic. Thanks again! I am surprised that they couldn't run this the same day on PPV.

My prayers are with predator. He is a really cool guy. He did get ripped off on his last fight with Remy.

Is Terkay/Predator training with a legit team yet? Or is he still with UPW? I'm thinking maybe The Shark Tank now?


not sure!

Sharktank and Valor/UPW have split. So I think that Terkay may have a new trainer. But who at the Sharktank could have shown Terkay how to wrestle? He was an elite wrestler before Sharktank.

Predator has size, athleticism, and legit wresting skills. Terkay can go far with real training from a real fighter. Valor/UPW/Bassman have the contacts in MMA to get some legit training. We can only wait and see.

Hopefully the Predator's career is now being handled by a manager/trainer that cares about the fighter and not just about how much money the manager/trainer can personally earn on each fight.

If you think about it...

Terkay is almost a younger Erickson...

Assuming Terkay's skills haven't gone down the shitter, there shouldn't be many people that could put him on his back.

I hope he's not following the Valor line and training with Shannon..