k1romanex play by play?

is there going to be any audio play by play?

or at least typed play by play?(please let someone be doing audio pbp)

because I will be up for it



come on guys, surely some others are interested in knowing what happens live

give me some support! lol

I'm intersted but getting tired. The show doesn't start for another two hours right?

I'd like to know, hopefully BJ gets KTFO.

still 1 hour and 50 minutes until the show starts

it starts at four am eastern time



where is it on paltalk?

hot potato, you fuckin with us?

you are, aren't you

private and unlisted!


hook up us man!

it just started apparantly

pigpen - hot potato is trolling.

I'm working graveyard, if anybody can get some kind of results it would be great,thanks


dammit...I am gettin frustrated

I reaaaally want at least a typed play by play


Me too, pigpen, me too :-(

The only hope is if we can get someone who has a chipped C-band satellite to sign up for the forum, get him to aim his Dish toward Japan and then get him to stay up all night so he can do play-by-play.


hot potato...if you have access to pbp...hook us up


it's an hour into when it started

and I don't know shit :(