KABOMBA ( Free Koral Gi )

May 19, 2004

Dear friends,

We have been in the process of creating an internet directory for all things jiu jitsu and MMA related. In order for it to be a success we need your help.

Win a free Koral Kimono!

In order to have the links to sites that interest you, we're having members of the jiu jitsu community submit links that interest them. In order to submit a link visit Kabomba! at http://kabomba.com, pick a category and go to the bottom of a page to submit a link in that category. Easy.

To make it worth your while, we will be giving away one Koral Kimono to the individual who submits the most ACCEPTED links during the next two weeks. The rules are that they can't be duplicate links and they must be accepted by the editor. Other than we'll count all the submitted links on Wednesday June 2nd and the person who submitted the most links will be contacted by Jiu Jitsu PRO Gear about how to receive the kimono. Make sure you use the same email address when you submit links. We'll announce the winner the following week.

Sound easy, right? It is so start submitting away!


Thank you for your help and continued patronage.


Team Kabomba
Jiu Jitsu Pro Gear
email: newsletter@jiujitsuprogear.com
phone: (310) 370-0116
web: http://www.jiujitsuprogear.com


BTW - Gilberto, did you see the profile on Sambazon Acai on the Channel 5 KTLA Morning News today(Friday 5-21)? They were all drinking the bottled versions.
Pretty cool stuff.

Hey Jayman,

How do You like the directory ? It will be loaded with info and links by end this month .

Yeah I know . I've being selling those energy smoothies at the shop for awhile . They are pretty good a drink 2 bottles a day everyday .


Great job Gilberto! Keep up the good work.

Howard Liu


Thank You !

Yeah the directory is awesome! great job!

Thanks Jayman.
Kabomba is going of so far We have 500 links set up on the directory list by category and 200 more in the process of approval .I think by end of the month It will be 1,000 plus listing and 2,500 listing by end of the year.