Kabul International falls in the next 24 hours according to Tim Kennedy

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Is Kennedy there on behalf of the military or is he there as a contractor now?

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Technically I think he would be considered a contractor but working in tandem with military units.

Why are you aiding and abetting the enemy with this info , Timmy

He’s there contracted for his brand. I’ve usually like Tim, but he’s there for advertising himself.


Just low kick him

Last chance to get photographed doing “hero” shit.

I would have respected it alot more if he went and we didn’t find out about it for years.


Thinks he’s fucking Rambo. Tiresome.

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He posts vague photos like a teenage girl seeking attention. This dude has done many things, but he’s gone straight attention whore


I’d be curious to know if anyone else from his group is making posts on social media.

This didn’t age well

Did I ascribe my opinion to the post?