What's the word? Someone gimme an update on curent status. Only 13 men bracketed? Fowler, Koble and McIntyre all have a bye according to the brackets. Koble is a monster and one of my beloved Hawkeye's finest! Come'on one one Kahn's boys have to know?


Bocek won his first match

Rob Kahn caught my homie Jay Hayes in a Brabo choke for the tap (Jay had Kahn in a few triangles and Kahn escaped)

Mrkulic lost on points to Lundell by what I believe was a takedown

thats all I know at the moment

Bocek beat Rob Kahn by points

Kahn made an awesome showing...Stiil awaiting final outcome.

Here's some info:  Rob won his first match by a sub then lost in points on his second.:


Rob competed very well always looking for the sub, but the weight cut obviously effected him.