KAI users sound off.

Play as Deadman.

who plays anything other then halo?

I would like to ry unreal and brute force on line but it looks like on KAI everyone plays halo.

hey wtf were you last night? I played on live because you didn't call. I want to get this stuff set up. Let's run this shit.

I waited for YOU to call, you were the one that had places to go.

I will be avialable tonight until 7:30 and then again after 9pm

I'll be at the office until at least 8 or 9, but I'll call when I'm headed home.

Mine is PopeyeOG

XBConnect owns kai. Unless you can tell me how to ping kais games?

I use Kai thru my modded xbox and XBMC, what a great piece of software. Cant imagine paying for Live.

Mem do you have the G or the GS router? I was thinking of getting the GS at Sam's club for 69 bucks for this purpose. Do you run as client-only and connect thru XBMC?