Kailin Curran vs. Alexandra Albu

Up next... I got Albu

Albu is sexy and she is gonna win. 

Albu pulled guard... wtf?

And there's the headlock throw lol.

Man Albu is a beast. 

Albu, throwing every strike with all her might every time.  Nice action so far. 

3 head and arm throws in a round and a half. WMMA at its finest.

that push kick by curran with the immediate follow up on the cage was awesome.

2-0 Albu

Very texting fight. Albu gotta work on her gas tank...she has top 5 potential. 

2-1 Albu... great fight

Damn. Good fight of the night candidate there. 

2-1 Albu

What a scrap 

Great fight. Curran seems to always be an inch away from breaking through.

clear decision. Joe will probably kill himself after rooting for Curran so hard. What a fan boi.

 i think they got it right


bummer for curran

tough fight My Boo needs to works on energy conservation for the higher ranks though cuase that round 3 was a motherfucker for her

Nice fight. At least Curran will get another fight after that performance!