Kaitlin Young - web link

Kaitlin recently won the Hook-n-Shoot women's championship.  She has a website up, although it's a work in progress.  Only a few pics, and links to her MySpace, MMAA and API.  Check it out, some cool pics on her MySpace as well.


Did she steal GSP's abs?

...and Anderson Silva's knees... Damn.

Very impressive, young fighter. She has a video of her first fight on her MySpace page...brutal.


ttt for later

Kaitlin is the real deal. She will be number one in the world in the next few years.



Nick Thompson is right (is he ever wrong?). Watch for her name, she's the real deal.

Elias -

I love your reporting, and would love to see a story on Kaitlin in the near future.



Everyone is leaving out something.....




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best standup in the women's division at any weight

if she has a ground game, she's number 1 within a year

good luck Kaitlin!

her opponents in HnS were higher caliber than the girl in that vid btw