Kaitlin Young - web link

She's got a lot of good trainers at the Academy to help her along with her ground game. She won all of her divisions in the Submission Hunt she did.

She is a strength and Conditioning coach aside from being a full time fighter now, so I don't foresee any reason why she won't impress with every future outing.

TTT for bad ass ladies.

More pics of her at this link

Too bad Carano can never make weight. It would be a good matchup.



johnny comes through!

great pics there!

TTT  The womens divisions are great. I really enjoy the performances the ladies give us. Bodog has been instrumental in the further development that jeff Osbourne began of the female fight scene.


TTT and respect for the lady warriors.

Up for "The Foot"

Hey guys, thanks for the support! My next fight will be Feb 1st in Las Vegas on the Tuff N Uff card. My opponent will be Karina Taylor out of Extreme Couture. I can't wait to fight or to escape this miserable Minnesota winter!

Hope you all have a great new year,
Kaitlin Young

shes legal right?


...she needs a nickname...

Kaitlin "I'll Put a Knee in the Back of Your Skull" Young

She kicks me in the ribs sometimes. And then she schools me in conditioning. My life is falling apart because of her.

she does indeed need a nickname... what say you owl??

"killer" kaitlin.
She tries to drown me in a pool of my own blood every time we spar.

"Did she steal GSP's abs?"

GSP's abs are disgusting... extremely bloated and disproportionate.

The Koala. 'Cause she is just so damned cuddly.

The Foot or Thunderfoot

... Kaitlin "More Lethal Than Cigarettes" Young

... Kaitlin "Knees of Inconceivable Horror" Young

^^^I have a great boyfriend, but I think I might keep that nickname;-P