kaitlinrosie- A question for you

Does Volkmann train with you guys at MMMA, if so are we going to see him in any of the bigger shows? I followed him when he was with the Gophers and always loved his attacking style and I think it would translate well in MMA. Any other Gopher wrestlers going to make the transition?




Congradulations Jacob Volkmann!


That guy is a REALLY good grappler.

Thanks xakx- Has he been approached by the UFC or Strikeforce? I think he will be a stud I hope to see him soon.

Someone definately needs to sign him soon.

 LOVED watching him wrestle in college.  He is a true warrior!

Didn't he walk on and earn a ride. I remember when he wrestled OSU Tyrone Lewis and beat him 3-2 in 02, great match and Tyrone was 2 in the country at the time. OSU, won the meet but that was a great match.

kaitlin, i have another question for you: do you want to go see Transport 3 with me when it comes out? it looks awesome and i think we should get to know each other better!

 Yes. Volkmann is training with us and it would be GREAT if a bigger org would pick him up. That is what he is hoping for. They are having a VERY hard time getting anyone to fight him and he has even gone up to 180 or higher just to get fights (he usually fights at 170 and could probably make 155 later on).  I think whoever DOESN'T sign him will be kicking themselves for it later. As far as I know he has not yet been approached by anyone, but if anyone wants to put a good word in for him that would be awesome.

He is a beast. Its ridiculous really. There is no quit in him and he is picking up submissions and striking FAST. He is 8 - 0 already in MMA and won World Team Trials for grappling this fall and will be going to Switzerland in December to compete. Ill try to track down some of his fight videos and get them on here.

There have been a few U of M wrestlers that have come in to roll and/or spar and work on striking. Justin Bronson has been around lately, but Im not sure if he is planning on fighting eventually or not.


Thank you, I hope the UFC comes calling soon that guy is a stud and a nice guy on top of it.

sounds like a ringer for TUF...