Anybody know what that means?

It's a Japanese MMA related Magazine.

Or was...Not sure if it is still available??

I just heard the term or name on more than on occasion and I was curious as to what it is or was and what it meant. Thanks for the info guys.

Kakutogi = MMA.

Kakutogi = Fighting Sports

Most of the Japan based fighting magazines are Kakutogi something or other eg Kakutogi Tsushin, and Gong Kakutogi.

I think it means fighting, but not like a bar fight. It is I think fighting within a sport context. Someone with familiarity with Japanese can detail it I hope?

I believe it is the word that the Japanese use for MMA.

the term pre dates contemporary MMA. I know Kurosai and Fujiwara started "Shin Kakutougi" or "New Fighting Art" after leaving Kyokushinkai... it was basicly the prototype of all future Japanese kickboxing styles, a fusion of Muay Thai with Kyokushinkai and Judo

hubris is correct (looks like the definition from Jim Breen's website), though I've seen kakutogi used to describe Kendo or Kali/Eskrima/etc. So the no weapons rul is not hard andfast.

"Combat Sports" is probably the best western equivalent.

It is pretty much the Japanese word for MMA. Not an exact translation but close enough.

Awesome info guys! Thanks.

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