Kakutogi Road: The Complete History of MMA Vol 1

millius was going for the no escape vibe, i’m sure

I think the internet started getting use around 1995ish? Everything being covered so far is before that. So while it’s possible some watched this stuff in real time (as far as people on these boards currently, probably a tenth of one percent?), it’s almost impossible that they did it on various online forums as you say.


i watched some 80’s UWF cards that were only a week or so old, and i wager that the population of the western world that can say even that is miniscule. We had message boards even back then where you could argue and discuss shit though, they were called the letters section of magazines


Do you know any kind of time frame for this?

The reason I asked is because Art Davie & Rorion Gracie attended Greg Patschull`s better known as Kazja show “Cage of Rage” in early 1993.They left when they found out that it was fake fights.


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1984-85 for tigermask’s octagon, I remember greg screaming to high heaven on here about them stealing his ring concept.

This was a picture of a toy model that Kazja showed people that his cage would look like.


Was that Cage of Rage show taped? Has anyone seen anything from it?

I cant remember Kazja saying if he had tape of it or not.I have been to his website & have not seen anything.The picture that he shows of his cage looks nothing like the picture.

I can`t even find his website now,but this picture was on his website of the cage.

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Thanks for having me look those things up.I couldnt find octagonnation.com,but found Kazjas Facebook page that has the Matrat logo that I can`t find on the internet.

Oh he spazzed out alright.He wouldnt stop calling Executive Director Armando Garcia ....Armando "UFC" Garcia.Garcia did end up becoming the head of security at Palace Station Casinos.

Oh BTW I just interviewed one of the six undercard fighters from the March 1992 Bart Vale promoted PWFG event. He told me his fight was legit.

i suspect all the undercard were legit as they were sanctioned, that’s why their striking was even wonkier than normal in that they were probably being held to “tournament” kraddy rules. I’ve talked to several guys who had fought in barts amateur shootfighting and they said their matches were all legit, a couple of people who used to post here actually, one of them didn’t have a clue who bart was when he signed up.

I’m confidant that of the two undercard fights that I witnessed from the American PWFG event, that they were both legit. One of them was obviously a shoot, the other was a complete spazzfest, but like de_braco pointed out, I think that was more from their inexperience and adrenaline, than trying to fake a fight.

the original rocktagon. In trial by combat, when a man faced a woman, he had to stand in a waist deep hole wielding a short wooden mace while the woman was ambulatory with a 5lb rock tied up in her veil.
The pics are from Talhoffer’s 15th century fightbook.There’s an elderly gentleman in london who keeps insisting on fighting a trial by combat with the DMV over parking tickets.

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Perhaps it’s time to bring it back. The question is, would you rather settle your differences via pistols at dawn or a good old dubbing with a wooden sword?

H2H, Edged or blunt trauma instruments. Firearms gives the squirelly little jasper too much of an even chance. Like the old saying goes, “god created all men, Col Sam Colt made them all equal”

I’m still trying to process the 90 handstand push-ups. That’s an elite olympic level athlete. I bet he did them on chairs with maximum ROM too. That’s the kind of functional strength that appears “magic” when used against one’s self. Rickson possessed that kind of functional strength, which was the secret of his “invisible” jiujitsu

Sayama was a savant in all that he did. Even to this day, many in the pro wrestling world attempt to emulate his style, often falling miserably.

None have even came close to sayama or billington. They worked the way Rembrandt painted or Mozart composed. The only person to even get into the neighborhood was volk han.

In the realm of obscure things: sayama, billington and volk han all primarily wore tights instead of trunks, historically this was a hallmark of a legitimate shooter, back in the day the tights were made of wool, which will absorb about 50% of its weight in water without getting the wearer wet. So when a legit match was in the offing they always wore the tights to absorb the opponents sweat and make it easier to catch a hold. They also used to take off their shoes to make it harder to catch the dreaded toe hold. Ed Lewis started wrestling barefoot all the time to give the impression all his matches were legit. The phrase “putting the long tights on” came to mean tackling a hard job