Kali/Eskrima/Arnis Schools in NYC

Hi everyone,

I have done some web searches and found a bunch of Kali/Eskrima/Arnis schools in NYC. However, I do not know which ones are considered "real".

I am looking for a school that will teach the proper technique as well as sparring.

If anyone knows of a good place in NYC, please let me know.


It is not that simple.  There are different styles.   Some emphasize closer ranges and some longer.  Watch some vids online of different styles and see what appeals to you. 

As far as "real", that is a matter of opinion.     I should hope that they all teach proper technique, but they probably all do not.

Once you've narrowed it down, most schools will have a free intro class and/or visitors watching a class in session.

Good luck!

I studied at Village Martial Arts on E3rd St under Doug Pierre for about two years. The style taught there is largely Modern Arnis from Remy Presas.

I had a great time, enjoyed the school immensely, have great respect for Sifu Pierre (he prefer Sifu to Guro) and his knowledge of several martial arts, am grateful for the skills that he taught me there, and did earn my one competitive martial arts win (1-7) under his direction.

BUT, I wouldn't consider it a practical fighting school by any stretch.

Raul Marquez of Kalis Ilustrisimo teaches in Central Park.

I have been lurking for a while and this will be my first post so i will make it count. Any updates on your findings NYC Judoka? Anyone else can list the 4 or 5 reputable bigger name Kali/ Esckrima schools in NYC?

Bigger is not always better.  Either are names.

True that e. kaye. In that case, are there any DBMA affiliates or similar schools in the area?

Dog Brothers?  No idea.  Check their website for affiliates.

Nick Sacoulas is a full Dog Brother ("Raw Dog"), however, he doesn't teach exclusively DBMA. He is an instructor Dan Inosanto as well as teaches some Sayoc Kali, Chai Sirisute Muay Thai, Erik Paulson CSW, and I'm sure other stuff.

Check out his site if he may interest you.

short on time. can't get link for you

google Sacoulas Progressive Martial Arts and you should find his site

but yes, check out

http://www.dogbrothers.com for affiliates