Kalib Starnes fractured fibula?

Sorry if this has been posted but the canadian press is reporting that starnes fractured his fibula on the first days of evalutations for the show.

How will this affect him?

from the article "UFC sketches out future fights for mixed martial arts circuit"

"Kalib Starnes, a middleweight from Surrey, B.C., in the cast of Season 3 of The Ultimate Fighter, tells the Spike TV website he fractured his fibula on the first day evaluations for the show but did not realize it until he visited a doctor weeks later on an unrelated matter. The leg pain was why he got into a beef with coach Shamrock about not training hard in Episode 2."

Well, it didn't seem to hamper in his first fight...

But it may also be how someone like Kendall could pull of a win over him in the semis.

I hope it doesn't impede him from moving on.

ttt-- it would definitely affect him.

damn... :(