Kalib Starnes ...

... great cardio!

you cant knock that! lol

Methinks jogging around the ring and throwing the bird is less tiring than punching,kicking,grappling,etc.

He didnt just jog ... he threw the bird

The kid is all heart

fuck you. why aren't you in there fighting, faggot?

that cornerman was Kultar "Black Mamba" Gil

the cornerman was not kultar gill you idiot

it's scary that Kalib Starnes trains with Revolution Fight Team (Kultar "Black Mamba" Gil is part of this team), ATT, and Minotauro Nogueira, and Kalib showed that he learned nothing from them.

Starnes reminds me of the ole Queen song about riding a bicycle. Dude was on his bicycle all night long!

Krondawg ... "i hope he didn't quit his day job."

His day job is a paper delivery boy.

r u serious crazydave?

Dana should kick both him and Lutter out of for life.