Kama Jiu-Jitra

Yes, I've been watching a lot of Sting interviews. One of them circa the Ten Summoner's Tales album had me thumbing through an old worn out Kama Sutra book I owned in my early teens, pages curled and discolored. When I pulled it off the shelf, the cover was stuck to Jiu Jitsu University, the book that taught me to turtle, and I had an erotic epiphany that the two systems are practically identical. What if I could harness their different shades of power? What if i could bend my head chakra right into my pelvic chakra and fuse the mental and the physical?

I began wearing my Shoyoroll light weight gi to lovemaking sessions. As I sit here smelling its cotton fibers, I smell cognac, cigars, Marlboro reds, mango ultra lubricant, burnt rubber and rose water numbing cream, as well as sweat, yes quite a bit of that, the musk of other men whose wet remains have made their way as an afterthought into my love chamber.

My guard game has become fluid, my hips higher, triangles tighter, grips stickier. I have not only eliminated problematic space during sweeps and submissions, but I have experimented with something I call "negative space" that I think is the next revolution in the game. Not only eliminating external space, but inserting objects into hollows wherever possible, so as to remove even the possibility of space, a fist inside an armpit, and so on. This is the future of Jiu Jitsu.

Back at home, my lovers are many, sometimes injured, sometimes unconscious, but always aroused to spiritual heights by an art that is by nature all about the hips, connected to the birth center of the Goddess, the fertile basin between the Tigris and Euphrates of the cosmos, my names for my left and right thighs.

Spider guard, almost useless. Care to turtle? As you wish, but too restrictive for optimal spiritual benefit. 50/50? Come m'lady. I am your Ryan Hall of hyperspace. Phone Post


I know, premature theory. Pardon my excitement. Phone Post

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Figured you for a closet Kama Jiu-Jitra player Sex Chicken Phone Post

I don't know how to feel about this thread so I'm just gonna leave. Phone Post

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