Kamahawk Pre-Orders Available Now!

Okay, so just wanted to put this out there for all who expressed interest.

Kamahawks are now available for pre-order.

Pricing breaks down as follows:

Kamahawk Base: 300USD
80CrV2 Tool Steel: no cost
Hickory Handle: no cost
Thermoform Sheath: no cost

Available Upgrades:
Stained Hickory Handle(your color choice): +15USD
Damascus Steel: +150USD

If you want in on this run, simply email bushkillorders@gmail.com.

All Kamahawks from this point forward will be sporting the same blade design and ergonomics on the handle, shown in the video below:

Lead times will be in the 4-6 week range depending on options selected.

As always, no deposits are required and no form of payment is accepted until you’ve seen photos of and approved the finished work!


Oh, also…

Anyone who entered the last raffle this past weekend is eligible for 10% off their custom Kamahawk order.


I highly recommend buying one, they’re even better looking in person.


Ngl, kinda want one. Looks simple but seems like it’d cut a motherfucker

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I’m in for one. Email sent.

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Alright, got your orders rolling in.

Just so you guys are aware, I’ll be working all of these orders together, so they’ll all finish out right on the same day that way we don’t have to stagger em and keep anyone waiting.

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Got 3 spots left for this run.

If you want in, email bushkillorders@gmail.com. Claiming spots goes by timestamp on the email.

Gonna bump this once or twice more before I finalize material orders.

2 spots left!

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I’m in right ?

Yes sir!

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I’m gonna kamahawk the shit outta stuff…


Did I make the cut I was first in the other thread and just saw this one for first time?

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If there’s a spot.
I want one!

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Yup! You’re in.

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Yes sir. Shoot an email over to bushkillorders@gmail.com when you get a minute.

Due to the death of my uncle, orders will be delayed by a week.

:heart: My condolences there’s never a rush take all the time needed!

Much appreciated.

Almost forgot… RIP Tony Barone.

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Jesus, sorry to hear. Condolences.