Kamala Harris is the greatest VEEP in modern History


She is the worst


I don’t know about the greatest, but madame vp is absolutely killing it!


What? Approval ratings? Yep.

Dan Quayle was pretty bad. And for lots of reasons you could call Cheney even worse.

But she’s pretty terrible.

After HW, who do you rank #2 since WW2? LBJ? He might be #1 actually and Bush #2.

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Has anyone else noticed that we have seen more of Harris in the past year then Biden and Pence combined in their 12 years.


Huh? She has been intentionally kept out of the spotlight. A black female is VP and she is invisible.

Think about that.



They put her in the back of the bus

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If by “it” you mean “innocent children at the border”… then yes, I agree!

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Oh so NOW you care about kids in cages?

“Who built the cages Joe?”

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Those are some of the most profound words that I have ever heard. I’m starting to get misty.


Biden was literally not seen at all for his whole 8 years as VP, Harris has done multiple interviews, the whole visit to Guatemala where she told Migrants not to come that was all over the news. She is not being hidden comparatively to previous vp’s at all imo

Said no one, ever

I normally agree with you on most things. This? Nope. I don’t.

She is hated by the average American and they know it. That is why she is hidden.

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All good brother, I just don’t see her being hidden. Maybe it’s because I hate the bitch and whenever I see her it sticks in my mind.


Imagine that negotiating across a table from Putin or Jinping, to keep us out of WWIII.

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She is definitely not hidden. But the things they let her out for are stupid, like making space videos with child actors or speaking to a select gathering of minority women business owners crying about how it’s so hard for minority women to own a business.