Kamaru Usman's little(big) brother is a hw mma fighter



Dude is a beast



thick solid tight

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That’s a big, solid dude

Damn do they have the same both parents?

“He’s big all over…”- VKM

“…is that right???”- Roddy Piper

(Source: Summerslam 1990)

Huge, and doesn’t have that retarded grumpy look on his face that karamu does.


What’s his background? Wrestling?

haha well put

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I read an article about him a couple years ago when he was like 3-0 and I think I remember reading he had no wrestling background like Kamaru but got into training MMA after college football. Needed something to fill the void.

So good athlete, but no martial arts/combat sports base. Hell, just being a big enough athlete and good enough athlete to have a football background allowed Hoffman, Schaub, Mitrione and Hardy to enter the sport and do well at HW. I’m sure we will be seeing UberUsman in the UFC soon and I’m sure we will see him win some fights as long as they don’t feed him to the wolves off the bat.

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I stand corrected about UberUsman’s wrestling background. Just read he was a standout HW wrestler in Texas during high school. Went on to just play football in college as he had NFL dreams. Those did not pan out and now he has transitioned to MMA.

So he has a base, just not the decorated college career like his brother.

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Already 32 years old
Tied up with PFL for who knows how long
Lost to Don’Tale Mayes, who’s 1-2 in the UFC

Not a top prospect.


they must share the same bottle of sauce

Hot sauce! BEEP!!!